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Another review for A Taste of Love


Review :

“A Taste of Love” by Andrew Grey is an M/M romance, and one of the best books I have read in a long time. Mr. Grey not only created a well-written story but a story with heart and soul. This book is not just hot sex between lovers, but about love, responsibility, commitment, and family.

Darryl’s life is centered on keeping his restaurant running smoothly and making it the best eating establishment in town, which is more than a full-time job. He is also hiding the hurt and fear of a love lost until he meets a young man in need of a job. From the moment, Darryl hires Billy a young man down on his luck sparks fly between them. However, Darryl does not act on the attraction he has for Billy because of his past fears. That is until he learns about the life Billy is living. Opening his home to Billy and his small twin brothers is one thing but opening his heart is another.     

I found myself both laughing and crying while reading “A Taste of Love” as well as praying that things would work out for Darryl and Billy. There were many twisting turns, and heart-jerking fear for the future they had to face. Andrew Grey did a beautiful job in pulling the reader into the story and pulling out emotions with each chapter read, so pull out the tissue, you are going to need it. This book is definitely worth reading over again and I highly recommend adding this book to your reading list. 

Purchase from Dreamspinner Press

Thank you Terra for the great review.
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