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Andrew Grey

Rainbow Book Reviews Blog Hop

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The Fight Within

Rainbow Book Reviews Blog Hop

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The Fight Within

Writing M/M has come to mean a great deal to me because I’m not just writing a story, but I get to write about love.  I started writing in early 2007.  I had been reading gay romance for a while and decided to try writing my own story.  When I started I was writing because it was new and exciting to see a story from somewhere in my head take shape on the page.  As I continued to write, I found that the stories kept coming and I couldn’t turn them off.  Characters appeared in my mind and I had to write their stories.    Over time I realized that I was doing more than just writing stories, I was exploring a part of myself I never knew existed.

I’ve always been a bit of a romantic, but since I started writing, it seems to have kicked up more than a few notches.  Dominic and I will be watching a movie, or more accurately, I’ll watch a movie and he’ll come up for the last ten minutes and ask me what he missed.  I’ll be blubbering away because the old curmudgeon on the screen just found out he had a granddaughter he never knew about and Dominic will expect me to tell him what happened.    Good luck with that because I’m going through half a box of tissues in a matter of minutes.  Then after the movie is over, I’ll pour what I’m feeling into my current manuscript.  You see I’ve come to learn that I have the best job in the world because I get to tell stories about two people doing the most amazing thing on earth, falling in love.

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